How to Add Hanging Lanterns to any Outdoor Space
Under 1 Hour

Have you ever wanted to hang lanterns in your backyard but never quite knew how or thought you didn’t have the perfect spot? This DIY solves that problem! Read below for my quick and simple way to hang lanterns in any outdoor space.

Kelly Radcliff
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  • Step 1
    Lay your stick on the ground and space your lanterns to your liking. I chose three lanterns for a balanced look and used two of the same ones and one different lantern for a fun contrast.
  • Step 2
    Next, grab your floral wire and securely attach the wire to the lanterns and the stick. Leave the floral wire loosely attached to the stick so you can move the wire if better spacing for your lanterns is necessary once you hang them. Repeat this step for each lantern you hang.
  • Step 3
    Next, find a spot in your yard to place your stick with the hanging lanterns attached. Securely attach the stick using floral wire to the area you choose to hang your lanterns.
  • Step 4
    Finally, add outdoor candles and faux leaves to the lanterns and enjoy!
  • Supplies
  • large stick
  • floral wire
  • lanterns
  • outdoor candles
  • faux leaves (for a fun pop of color)
  • wire cutters
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