DIY the Perfect Neutral Pumpkins
Under 1 Hour

Do you love faux pumpkins? Do you want to change the color but need all the tips you can get?Are you having a hard time finding the perfect neutral shades? I have found the perfect colors and want to share all my tips, so check out below.

Sarah Wagner
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  • Step 1
    First you will gather your supplies. I started out with these white blooming autumn pumpkins and I prefer the chip brush. Here are my favorite colors of paint to work with.
  • Step 2
    Set your pumpkin on paper/plate or whatever surface you choose.
  • Step 3
    Now time to grab your paint and brush and paint!!
  • Step 4
    When painting it’s up to you wether you take out the stem, these stems were easy to take out but I prefer painting around them. I love the chip brushes to see the strokes so the pumpkins aren’t perfect. If you like the more clean look then I would suggest two coats of paint. Once done let dry and enjoy!
  • Supplies
  • pumpkins any color ( I did white)
  • chip brush
  • folk art 2954 dove gray paint
  • folk art 467 Italian sage paint
  • paper/plate to paint on
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