DIY Faux Potted Mum Basket
Under 1 Hour

Are you sick of buying potted plants that just add a short time? Would you like to have a faux one that lasts each year? Well stick around and I will show you this easy DIY that you can use for any seasons

Sarah Wagner
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  • Step 1
    If you want an easy DIY that you can use year round by switching out the plant.

    Let’s being!

    1. First you will get your basket and insert the white disc.
    2. Next place your moss above the disc.
    3. Then you will cut all the flowers.
    4. After that you just stick in the flowers till you love it!

    It’s as easy as That!
  • Supplies
  • Basket of your choice
  • Make it fun styrofoam white disc
  • sphagnum moss dried ( or any kind)
  • blooming autumn 20” mum bush - white
  • scissors to cut the flowers
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