DIY Bats and Spiders
Under 1 Hour

If you want to dress up any Halloween space, this is the easiest and cheapest project you can do! Just head on over to JOANN and grab yourself the supplies! It’s so fun you won’t want to stop making them.

Sarah Wagner
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  • Step 1
    Grab your supplies and then we are ready to begin!
  • Step 2
    Time to make your bats! It depends on how good you are at drawing, you can draw free hand like I did here or try to print this and cut out and trace.
  • Step 3
    Cut out your bats and it’s ok if they are a tiny bit different!
  • Step 4
    I like to make a crease on the bats to make them 3D, I just folded along the belly. Make sure to do both sides!
  • Step 5
    This is what they will look like!
  • Step 6
    Now time for some spiders! Fold your paper and make a spider! It’s ok if you make them different sizes and shapes!!
  • Step 7
    It seriously is so fun to be creative with these! You can see I made different shapes and sizes! Just remember to fold the paper in half.
  • Step 8
    Now time to hang the bats and spiders! Just grab your double sided tape and put up!
  • Supplies
  • Scissors
  • black card stock
  • marker
  • double stick tape
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