DIY Halloween Fairy Garden
Under 1 Hour

This is such a fun DIY meant for any age! We had so much fun picking all the supplies up at JOANN. The best thing is to be creative while making a Fairy Garden!

Sarah Wagner
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  • Step 1
    First it’s time to go shopping, and gather your supplies! Here is what we got! Now it’s time to get started!
  • Step 2
    Now it’s time to fill your container with dirt, we didn’t want the soil to come through so we put a piece of paper and will fill the open spot with lights!
  • Step 3
    Now let’s begin and remember to be creative!
  • Step 4
    Just add your pieces and remember you can move them around!
  • Step 5
    This little skeleton dog we like to call Rosie.
  • Step 6
    Keep adding...
  • Step 7
    Enjoy being creative ... and keep adding all your pieces.
  • Step 8
    Now that you are done enjoy! We wanted to add some lights after check out the next for how those look!
  • Step 9
    Hope you loved this tutorial it was so fun for us to make!

    Here you can see the final project and all lit up!
  • Supplies
  • black jack o lantern container
  • soil
  • shovel
  • makers Halloween littles dog
  • makers Halloween littles spooky house
  • Makers Halloween Littles coffin
  • makers Halloween spooky sign
  • Makers Halloween Poison bottle
  • Makers Halloween littles with purple
  • Makers Halloween Littles mummy
  • Makers Halloween littles spooky bone bridge
  • Makers Halloween littles 3 skulls
  • Makers Halloween Littles bat tombstone
  • Makers Halloween LED stick tree small
  • Makers Halloween Littles Skeleton
  • Makers Halloween 50ct orange rice lights
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