How To Face Paint A Pumpkin
Under 1 Hour

Learn how to get monster results - face paint a pumpkin in 3 easy steps!

Snazaroo Face Paints
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  • Step 1
    With a wet brush and orange paint, draw two big round shapes around the eyes for a pumpkin-shaped mask. Make sure these two shapes meet and cover the nose. Fill the shape with orange paint and a wet sponge.
  • Step 2
    Then with a small brush and black paint, outline the pumpkin leaving a small space in the middle of the face for the stalk. Add three curved lines to the bottom of each side of the pumpkin and a triangle on the tip of the nose.
  • Step 3
    With a small brush and green paint, draw a shape above the top of the nose for the pumpkin stalk.
  • Supplies
  • Snazaroo Starter Brushes
  • Snazaroo Classic Orange Face Paint
  • Snazaroo High Density Sponge
  • Snazaroo Classic Black Face Paint
  • Snazaroo Classic Dark Green Face Paint
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